Conference Venue

Okayama area:
    Okayama prefecture is located in the middle of Kansai area including Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe cities and Hiroshima city and an important traffic position as the main gateway to Shikoku island in the south and San’in region in the north. This condition has largely contributed to the development of various industry, business, and culture from the ancient Kibi times. Okayama area is famous for Momotaro legend. There are many historical and cultural areas to be visited such as Okayama castle, Kourakuen garden, Kurashiki Bikan historical area, Kibiji district, Bizen ceramic area, and so on.
    There is a big industrial complex composed of many oil, chemical, and steel companies in Mizushima area beside Seto great bridge that is the first set of bridges between Honshu and Shikoku islands and a combined bridge of railway and highway.
    The weather is mild and the area along Seto inland sea has many days of sunshine. This weather condition fosters various delicious fruits in summer season such as peach, grape, and so on. There is one type of rice good for Japanese “Sake” and refreshing water streaming from the north mountain area of Okayama prefecture. The temperature in the end of August is between 32 centigrade in the afternoon and 22 centigrade in the early morning. Although the precipitation in August is 100 mm, we sometimes have short showers in the afternoon.
Symposium site:
    The symposium is held at Tsushima campus of Okayama University. Okayama University is one of Japan's leading universities and has 11 faculties, 7 graduate schools, hospital, and various facilities. Totally 14 thousands students are studying in various academic fields. The Tsushima campus is located in the housing area just north of the center of Okayama city and is about 15 min. from JR Okayama station by bus.